Red Light; DC

I’ve recently entered into a passionate love affair with whiskey.  God, he’s good.

Red Light (1401 R St NW) in DC is the spot for a bourbon cocktail.  I’m partial to their “Peep Show” which is mixed with Pimms, lemon juice, and fucking incredible ginger beer.  The presentation is also half the fun. The Peep Show comes with a fresh rosemary stalk that the bartender lights on fire with a gas torch.  Gets me giddy every time.  The decor and atmosphere in this place is extremely alluring and quite sexual – just enough to set the tone for the rest of your evening.  I spend half of my time, every time, in Red Light staring at the mirror artwork above the communal table.  I will own that piece one day.

Great place for a date, low key night out, or starting point before venturing up 14th or down U St.  Check it out.

Peep Show

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