Tatte Bakery and Cafe; Cambridge, MA

A trip to Greater Boston anytime other than the three warm days that they have a year will have a high chance of snow and loss of phalange circulation.  However, stroll on down to one of the many Tatte locations, and you’ll start to feel real warm and fuzzy. First, pastries. So many fucking delicious pastries. Don’t even think about trying to be cool and skinny and healthy when you go to Tatte’s. Besides, calories don’t actually count at breakfast anyway (that’s my newest finding and it’s even backed up by science). During my recent visit, I indulged in some Greek Style Pancakes, a chocolate-hazelnut-something-incredible, and a medium-dark Ethiopian roast. And I was happy for the rest of the day.

The Cambridge location was pretty packed on a Saturday late morning, but the line moved quickly and we were able to find a table for four people right after ordering. Cool decor with 2 beautiful wood communal tables and plenty of smaller seating areas. You’ll feel cool here and will most likely Instagram your experience.

Each location has menu variations, with only two serving brunch. However, breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack…I’d show my tatas for Tatte’s anytime of day.

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