Bareburger; NY, New York

I rarely indulge in a burger. Not because I don’t think that they are one of the greatest gifts of the universe, because I actually firmly believe that.  I rarely indulge in a burger because really, really good burgers are hard to come by, and I don’t waste my precious time (or calories) on a decent burger.  But when you do find a good one…the only logical decision is to seize that beautiful moment.

My lucky soul had one of these experiences recently during a business trip to the Big Apple.  I stumbled across Bareburger, and instantly knew that fate had brought me there.  The friendly staff had us quickly seated and I had a glass of Cab in my hands within minutes. Which is always a good sign.

Bareburger is especially awesome because they aim to serve high quality, organic product, offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and plenty of ways to modify your burger.  I decided to build my own this time around, and went for Bison.  Topped that baby off with pepper jack cheese, onion straws, sauteed mushrooms, pickles and sprouts.  Sex in my mouth.  Also, sweet potato fries.  Oops, and onion rings.  The type of onion rings that are easy to bite without the entire onion slipping out and leaving you with fried breadcrumbs.  No, these were heavenly.  Lol what’s a diet?

The Hell’s Kitchen location (I’m sure the rest have a similar ambiance, based on the brand) has a casual, industrial vibe, which augments their organic and farmer-ish branding.  There are a handful of locations, so don’t pass it up if you’re near one. Enjoy!

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