As a yuppie with limited PTO, weekend trips have become my best friend (and my wallets worst enemy). I’m heading to Boston this weekend, and packing for these two-day trips can be a headache. Paying to check a bag would be totally irrational, right? Right. We can do this.

For starters, you need to invest in a few of those refillable TSA-approved little fuckers. They’ll serve you well. Fill them with contact solution, face wash, liquid foundation, etc. Then, ladies, get your ass to a Sephora-like store and grab a few travel sized necessities. You never know who you’re going to meet out there. That’s the hard part, but do it once and you’re set for months of travel.

Shoes. Dammit, but I want options. Suck it up – pack a pair of flats/comfortable walking shoes, one pair for evenings, and, only if you actually plan on exercising (don’t kid yourself), sneakers. That’s it. Plan your outfits around them and leave the rest at home.

Plan out each outfit, and try to use pieces more than once unless you’re a super sweaty or smelly person. Wear your jacket, sweater, most space-consuming shoes on the plane, and you are perfectly set for your weekend away.



(Image: https://mirandaprasadphotography.wordpress.com/)

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